What is the Arabic keyboard

Arabic keyboard:

What is the virtual online arabic keyboard ?

The arabic keyboard (لوحة المفاتيح العربية) is an online service which offers you a virtual keyboard (not a physical keyboard) to write in Arabic language in case you don't have a physical arabic keyboard attached with your computer .You have two options if you want to use this arabic keyboard : Type english characters or letters ,the virtual keyboard takes care of converting or transliterating the characters to their Arabic equivalents. Use the mouse to enter the characters directly via the keys appearing on the virtual keyboard on this site . 

The online arabic keyboard is an arabic transliteratin system that transforms your keyboard typed characters to arabic equivalents so you don’t have to use a physical keyboard with arabic keys if you need to write some arabic text.These kind of virtual keyboards are used in the arabic world espeially in north africa.in these countries peope usually use latin keyboards but they need to write arabic too so such virtual keyboards become popular between people most of time in a form of a website which offers a virtual keyboard where people type latins characters and get transliterted arabic text which they can then copy and paste.

How to copy text in Arabic keyboard?

The arabic keyboard doesn't type characters for you you need to type them either via your latin/english physical keyboard or use the mouse and then select the typed text and copy it either via keyboard combination CTRL+A then CTRL+C and then paste with CTRL+V or use your mouse by clicking the right hand menu and choose copy of course after selecting the text then again on the target area click with your mouse,when the right menu appears choose paste command.

Some background information about the Arabic language

The arabic language is a right-to-left language used by people on the Middle East and North Africa ,it has an alphabet which contains 28 letters .The Arabic language alphabet is also used to type other non arabic language such as the persian and Urdu languages .

How to learn the Arabic language using our online keyboard

If you don't know arabic and want to learn it you can use our online service to start learning the basics of Arabic such as the alphabet.So how you can use this keyboard to learn the alphabet ? Just start typing the english letters and you can see on the fly their equivalents in Arabic.For example type 
A B C you should get their equivalents which are ا ب ث

How to use the Arabic keyboard with images

In this small tutorial i will show you how you can use this online Arabic Keyboard using screenshots so you can understand better how to use it for typing arabic letters in case you don't have a physical keyboard at hand .

Arabic keyboard layouts:

A layout is simply how characters are distributed relatively to each other.Different layouts are used by companies which make keyboards .So lets see the diffrent layouts used by arabic keyboards.

Online vs Desktop vs plugin Arabic keyboard

As we said before we can use the arabic keyboard via an online website which you can access easily using your browser by just typing the url of the website offering the keyboard but you can also use :
1)Arabic keyboard desktop app

This is a small desktop application available either on Windows or Linux which you can use to type in Arabic alphabets using latin characters.
You can use it either through your mouse or via your physical keyboard.After typing what you need to type just copy your typed text and paste it wherever you want.
You can also you this desktop application to type in Arabic and search automatically in Google.

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